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Chapters of the book:

  • A welcome to both experienced and aspiring leaders and Managers
  • Seizing opportunity
  • What do we actually do…?
  • Education is the real life-saver
  • The application of learning theory to teaching in the Early Years
  • Raising the status of the Early Years through qualifications
  • A qualified ‘team’ should be the objective
  • Early Years legislation
  • Shared high expectations as a catalyst to driving the EYFS
  • Developing shared high expectations and the dynamics of the EIF
  • Conceptualised and accumulative learning
  • Parents as partner professionals
  • Ascertaining the child’s voice
  • Steering success
  • We cannot improve and be our best without reflection
  • The process behind self-evaluation
  • Impact led
  • Educational outcomes
  • The philosophy of the EYFS and the Early Years curriculum
  • Pertinent practitioner pedagogy
  • Planning to facilitate learning
  • Shining the light upon assessment
  • Tracking for developmental trajectory
  • The philosophical approach of the EYFS
  • The EYFS in an educational context
  • Inspection arrangements
  • Inspirational vision
  • Becoming and sustaining ‘outstanding’
  • Research overview
  • Sharing a vision contributed towards by all stakeholders
  • Clear lines of accountability
  • Formalising processes to maximise impact
  • Monitoring and sustaining impact

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I hope you enjoy!

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