Honesty Policy

(t&c’s minus the zzzz’s)

We know its boring but in childcare we’ve just got to

"the early years foundation'eyfs specialist'training courses"

…get it right!

Honestly, honesty is really important to us πŸ™‚ before you register or book on to any of our courses, let’s be open and have a little chat…

A course that is delivered via live webinar is different from booking a traditional face-face-to face course and also very different to a pre-recorded online training that you can purchase then accesses whenever you want – webinars offer you the best of both worlds….the interactivity of a classroom and the convenience of being able to access from the comfort of your own home and the cherry on top is the cost.
However, we really want you to take some time to ensure that you understand how the world of webinar works so that you can get the most out of it. We know that the words β€˜terms and conditions’ are boring but honestly, these are well worth reading. Once you’ve read them, you can go ahead and book as many courses as you please with peace of mind. All we want is to be completely transparent, genuine and reliable. So here goes…

Our live and scheduled courses are delivered by a paid and pre-booked trainer; it is not a pre-recorded online training course.
You must ensure that you read and pay attention to the instructions for registering and on-boarding of the event. The registration process requires you to ensure that you carry out checks in well in advance of the event commencing to ensure that you do not miss any of the session due to being unable to join successfully.

The trainer will spend some time ensuring that all registrants have joined successfully and the first initial minutes cover only introductory ground. However, in cases where registrants are late for technical, or any other reason, The Early Years Foundation will not refund the cost of the cost. This is also the same for any parts of the training that is missed during the event for whatever reason be it technical or due to the registrant having to leave for whatever reasons.

The trainer does offer all registrants the opportunity of a follow-up telephone call to consolidate upon learning from the course, go over any parts that they may need extra time to discuss or any areas that they would like to revisit. This call will be scheduled for a time that is mutually convenient and will build upon the content of the course.
At the beginning of the course, the trainer will explain the procedure to follow in the case whereby an attendee may lose connection and/or in a situation where the trainer many drop out of the training suit. We do have to make clear to you that, due to the nature of this type of training, this can happen.

There are often times, due to the live and interactive nature of the courses, that courses overrun their scheduled times. We would like to make you aware of this. Each person is responsible for their own Continued Professional Development CPD and, as such, for ensuring that the course meets its intended aims in terms of securing the best outcomes for the children in their care. This is something that is demonstrated, recorded and monitored with managers and leaders and is the overall responsibility of the registered provider to ensure. Therefore it is the decision of the individual attendee as to whether or not to log off from the webinar at the scheduled time or to take the opportunity to extent their learning where appropriate. CPD inside of the vocation is one that is supported by professional discussion.

In any case, all attendees will receive certification unless there is expressed concern that a candidate does not reflect the skills, knowledge and understanding listed in the course syllabus. In this case, the Early Years Foundation always has the right to deny certification and a refund will not be issued.

Although some of our course information provides guidance as to who our courses may be suitable for, it is ultimately the responsibility of the individual and/or their line manager, or senior/authorised person managing/making the booking, to determine if it meets the intended training aims and objectives for both the attendee and the provision. The Early Years Foundation cannot accept responsibility for ensuring the appropriateness of courses for individual attendees and providers. In cases whereby individuals and/or providers do not feel that a course is appropriate, for whatever reason, either before or after the course, the Early Years Foundation will not issue a refund.

Courses can be cancelled five full days before the course is due to run. This must be done in writing to Lyndsey@theearlyyearsfoundation.com and provided these terms are met, a full refund will be issued. The refund will be issued via the same transaction as the payment was initially received. If the course is booked less than five full days before the course is due to take place, no refunds will be given if a place is cancelled, however the Early Years Foundation will offer to transfer the same place to another registrant.

The Early Years Foundation will not transfer cancelled places to a course on another date even if it is the same course being run at the same time. This is because there are only certain numbers of allocated places on each course and it is unlikely that places cancelled inside of one week before a course is due to be run will be filled by someone else.
Sometimes, you may go through to the registration page and opt to pay for the course at a later time, these full terms apply. You will be expected to pay as per instruction following registration for the full course fee.

Full attendance registers and timing logs are automatically compiled by the event software. If you register for the event but, for whatever reason, do not attend you will still be expected to pay for the course. Live events only go ahead based upon candidates moving through a serious of actions to register for a specific course and a qualified trainer is booked to teach scheduled and interactive sessions with limited numbers of registrants.
Please be aware that while we wish to provide people with enough time to arrange to book themselves and/or others onto courses, we will need to monitor uptake of places and decide as to a sensible and fair cut-off point to inform those who have registered if a course is not going ahead due to not enough people taking up places. In these cases a full refund will be given but we wish to let all those booking places know that this could happen.
See… that wasn’t that bad, was it…it’s good to know what’s going on!