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To download the instruction leaflet PDF to walk you through accessing your Live Webinar please click HERE

To download the instruction leaflet PDF to walk you through registering for your Live Webinar using a voucher code, please click HERE

To add or change the name of the person taking the course, for example the course is booked by the Manager but a different staff member is to take the course. There is a box on the checkout page to leave details of the candidate who is to take the course. If you missed that, no problem, just use the contact form below, list your name and Order number, then the name and email address of the person taking the course. We will then send a voucher code and instruction leaflet to the supplied email address/s enabling each candidate to enrol themselves onto the course.

Yes, no experience is necessary for any of our courses.

No, although for some courses knowledge of the subject would assist the candidate

Yes on successful completion of all courses. 

Simply click on Childcare Providers, then click the “Add your setting to our register” button, add the required information and that’s it. 

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