Fire Safety Checks

F01 Fire Alarm Test Records

Carry out a test and examination to ensure that the system is capable of operating under alarm conditions. Operate a manual call point at approximately the same time each assessed period using a different call point for each successive test.

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F02 Fire Extinguisher Inspection Records

Routine Visual Inspection by the User, It is recommended that regular inspection of all extinguishers should be carried out by the user or the user’s representative. This is to make sure that the appliances are in their proper position and have not been discharged, lost pressure (in the case of extinguishers fitted with a pressure indicator) or suffered obvious damage. The frequency of the inspection should not be less than quarterly, but preferably monthly. Any extinguisher not available for use should be replaced immediately.

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F03 Emergency Lighting/Exit Signs Inspection Records

Simulate a failure of the normal lighting supply for sufficient time to allow all lights/signs to be checked for correct operation. Check each light/sign for any obvious signs of damage or deterioration, including cleanliness and general condition.

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F04 Fire Door Inspection Record Inspection Records

Fire doors should be inspected to ensure that Smoke seals are not damaged, doors operate effectively and the gap between the door leaves is not too wide thus making the smoke seal ineffective. Automatic Opening Doors – The operation of fail-safe mechanisms should be tested by simulating failure (Specialist contractor should test doors every 12-months).
Hold-Open Devices – The operation of the hold-open devices should be tested by simulating failure or activation of fire alarm system.

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F05 Record of Fire Safety Drills

These should be carried out at six monthly intervals and conducted to simulate fire conditions i.e. one escape route obstructed. No advance warning should be given other than to specific staff for purposes of safety and the avoidance of a false call being made to the Fire Brigade.
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F06 Record of Fire Safety Training

Safety training should be given:-
At the time of first employment.
On being exposed to new or increased risks.
At periodic intervals as appropriate ( at least annually, depending upon the nature of the risk)
(See Fire Logbook for more details)

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