Emergency Lighting


Emergency Lighting is needed in the event of normal lighting supply failure to show escape routes, lighting the way up including if necessary Panic Bars and Pads from buildings by use of both exit signs and luminaires on the route acting as beacons to a place of safety.

Also to be able to see and operate Fire Safety Equipment as needed for example Manual Call Points, Fire Indication Equipment and Extinguishers. Added to the heat, fumes and confusion of a fire is often the inability to see. This is because a fire will often cause the building’s power to fail, impeding the ability to exit quickly and safely. There is also now an inclusion to highlight for example High Risk Areas and First Aid Posts to permit operations concerned with safety measures.

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Minimum Emergency Lighting levels have been increased to aid the means of escape to be safe and effectively used so activities, in particular work in hazardous workplaces can be safely terminated and emergency actions can be effectively carried out at appropriate locations in the workplace.
We can install all kinds of emergency lighting, tailored for your business, as well as carry out regular testing and annual servicing, all in compliance with current legislation.

  • Fully-trained emergency lighting engineers
  • All sizes and types of businesses supported
  • All types of systems fitted and maintained
  • All systems certified to industry standard

If you arrange an emergency lighting install or upgrade with one of our team, you’ll find that our engineers pride themselves on a friendly, flexible approach.

How the Every Aspect Maintenance Services team works;

We know the last thing your business needs is a load of disruption. So we’ll do everything possible to keep things simple and straightforward and work around you.
Whatever the circumstances, the process will start with our engineer visiting you at a time that suits you, to discuss specific requirements and budget. There’s no obligation and no fee.
The process:

  • Call us on 0800 246 5187 or use our contact us page to book your free survey.
  • Our engineer will visit at a time that suits you to inspect your premises and discuss your budget.
  • Within a week we will email you a set of recommendations, an estimate of how long the work will take and a quote.
  • If you decide to accept the quote – thank you! You just need to call or email the office to let us know.
  • We will check our schedule and agree dates with you for the work to start and finish.
  • Once the job is done we will leave the site clean and tidy and you will have all the relevant certification.
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