Risk Assessment in the EYFS - Level 2

Course content includes:

  • Unpicking the process of Risk Assessment in the Early Years
  • Understanding the terminology used in Risk Assessments
  • Legal responsibilities as an employer and provider registered with Ofsted
  • How to monitor, record and review systems for Health and Safety


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Next live webinar: Tuesday 30th April 2019 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm


Managers, leaders, health and safety coordinators, safeguarding leads, mentors, supervisors, childminders, children’s services with a lead responsibility for ensuring health and safety e.g. children’s centre leaders.

VENUE/DELIVERY: delivered via the Early Years Foundation’s virtual training suite whereby delegates can access the training in the comfort of their own home/office.
The training is live and fully interactive offering the same level of in-depth learning as a face-to-face course. It is recommended that all delegates log on using a PC or laptop for ease of use.


To build-upon the introductory overview into health and safety in the Early Years workforce (candidates do not need to have sat the L1 course but should have some understanding of health and safety in the Early Years workplace to be able to work from)

To unpick and discuss the process relating to identifying hazards as well as assessing and controlling their risks within the Early Years environment.  Candidates will have opportunity to work with various risk assessment methods and approaches as well as accessing templates to document these processes specifically within the Early Years environment.

To examine more closely the specific, health and safety related, legal requirements and mandatory responsibilities relating to both:
• the Statutory Framework for the EYFS and
• current health and safety legislation and mandatory responsibilities


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