EYFS Safeguarding for Designated Lead (recorded) ONE LICENCE, please read below




This training is the full and complete training course for the Safeguarding Lead in settings that are registered on the Early Years Register with Ofsted.

It meets the EYFS safeguarding and welfare requirements, including advanced elements, making this course an extremely relevant and advanced level course.  This is communicated through the issuing of a CPD certified certificate that will support providers to deliver suitable evidence during an Ofsted Inspection.  

This course is the full version of the course that both the EYFS, EIF and Ofsted would deem appropriate for the safeguarding lead within the setting.  There is no requirement for safeguarding training to be renewed within a set period of time, although it is recommended that providers provide a rationale on how and when courses will be renewed and updated to ensure that staff have current knowledge.  This rationale may take into consideration advice from LSCPs and other bodies such as local authorities. 

It is not necessary to place a level on a CPD certificate although some organisations do this to standardise their training so that candidates undertake the correct level of training, which often involves obliging them to purchase more than one course.  This is not necessary with this course as it includes complete coverage of all of the relevant content syllabus.

There is no stipulation on what format this training must be accessed in (online, live-webinar or face-to-face) the importance is upon ensuring that the relevant requirements of the EYFS have been covered and that this can be demonstrated.  The entire course is underpinned with ways to demonstrate the impact upon outcomes for children; with suggestions for practical application in the setting; activities to disseminate learning from the course among other practitioners as well as ways to EXTEND, MONITOR and SUSTAIN the IMPACT of the training.

Full certification in exactly the same way as would be issued by attending our live webinar event, will be provided (please follow the instructions downloaded after purchase on how to ascertain certification upon completion of the course)

Purchasing this training means that you are able to complete it at a timely point in-keeping with your training arrangements and forecasts.  

The course can be stopped and revisited at any time throughout and there is opportunity given to pause and complete reflective activities which can then be used to deliver back in the setting to further extend the impact of this course.

The license of this course will mean that it must be completed inside of 1 month of when it is purchased.  The EYF cannot refund in cases where courses are not completed within this time-frame.  It is highly recommended to include this consideration when when developing your training arrangements.  The EYF is not under any obligation to swap or replace training once purchased.  The reason for limiting the time-frame of when this course must be completed is due to the fact that the content is continually being updated to reflect changes in legislation. 

The license for purchase of this course cannot be duplicated, coped or used for any other reason than for the intended person to access the training as its main purpose.

Once you have purchased this course you will instantly be taken to a screen whereby you will be able to download the following:

  • the links to access the training videos
  • the instructions to follow to requests your certificate upon completion
  • the course handouts/slides (it is recommended that you print these out prior to undertaking the course so you are able to make notes throughout)