EYFS Advanced Safeguarding for ENTIRE Workforce – please read below




This offer includes 2 x licences for the EYFS Safeguarding for Designated Lead Training Course & licences for All members of the EYFS workforce (one each as part of the offer) – All at Advanced Level.

The EYFS states that only the DL is required to undertake a ‘specific’ safeguarding course  -this is why there is an advanced version for all OTHER staff but which does not include the specialist aspects that only the DL must cover.  However, the safeguarding course for all staff covers the role of the DL and how staff must work in in partnership to keep children safe.  Both courses are fully supportive of one another and have been written specifically to ensure this.

The offer includes ONE free training licence for the Revised EYFS 2021 Course.

The certificate that all candidates receive is the full CPD certificate that Ofsted will require to see and confirms full and extended coverage of the EYFS requirements.

IMPORTANT:  Once you have purchased this offer, you will be taken to a screen where the downloads to access all courses, along with their documents, will appear.  You may need to scroll down to see the downloads.  In addition, you will receive an order confirmation email and the downloads will appear in there – you will need to right click on the downloads and opt to ‘open in a new tab’.

If at any time you require any help or guidance, please email lyndsey@theearlyyearsfoundation.com