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This course is relevant for those who are accountable for the management of an Early Years Setting, including those who do not have responsibility for the day-to-day management such as committees, owners, governors etc.  The duration of this course is 1.5 hours.

The course looks at meeting the requirements of the EYFS in light of the Education Inspection Framework EIF.  As such it will look at how Ofsted will carry out inspections in registered Early Years settings alongside the line of accountability and how this applied to developing an ambitious and inspiring vision that has been contributed to, and subscribed to, by all stakeholders.

The course focuses upon the main reasons behind the revision to the inspection framework and what this means for front-line provision and practice.  It looks at the need to develop high levels of practitioner pedagogy as a vehicle for securing the quality of education and the ability to secure the best outcomes for all children.  Inside of the quality of education, we unpick the need for a robust, engaging and rich curriculum starting with it’s ‘intent’, ‘implementation’ and ‘impact’.

The philosophy of the EYFS is also scrutinised and reflected upon in terms of it’s approach to supporting children’s holistic development and in terms of safeguarding children.  The need to develop shared high expectations for children with all stakeholders, especially with parents as partner-professionals, is viewed as the catalyst that propels providers towards securing the best outcomes for all children, which is the main aim of the EYFS.

The course is in the form of a recorded online interactive webinar and can be viewed at a time that is convenient as well as paused and re-played when needed.

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