COVID-19 Implementing Protective Measures: in childcare and education settings for 1st June




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This is a live recording of the training webinar,

Covid-19 Implementing Protective Measures in preparation for increasing the number of children back into childcare and educational settings

(duration 1.25 hours)

This course supports the fulfilment of the requirements of the

Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The aims of the course:

  • Evaluate current data and statistics in relation to sector specific variables in order to assess the relevant level of risk
  • Discuss the new approach to assessing and monitoring the risk of Covid-19 using the Alert Level System and how this relates to the transmission of the virus and the appropriate measures to reduce its chances
  • Consider the above in taking tentative steps into the next stage of lockdown and how the identified measures will be implemented gradually
  • Reflect upon a range of official and relevant government guidance
  • Establish a coherent approach to addressing a comprehensive range of considerations in order to have in place effective protective measures ahead of welcoming more children back to the setting

Course CPD certificate can be downloaded to help demonstrate that steps have been taken to implement effective protective measures ahead of 1st June.

Course slides and links to documents can be downloaded.